This is how you gird your loins.


This is how you gird your loins.

“I don’t wanna act like I’m not paying attention, but how did Pence get on?”
- Duane Kuiper, too busy chatting with booth guests to do play by play (via fadeastride)


I wait every year to reblog this

MADBUM YEA (Based on this.)

1x05 vs. 5x09

wes ‘im cute please love me’ gibbins


when i’m in the christmas mood and everybody else isn’t


champagne-drenched Javier Lopez > > > > >

The American League Wild Card Game was baseball. It was baseball and baseball and baseball, everything good about baseball. It was a lead going back and forth, managers making decisions we could argue about and players making decisions we could celebrate. It was the eternal promise of a game without a clock, the cliché of a baseball purist revealing its roots and showing us how it became a cliché. It was a home team celebrating in front of fans who have waited too damned long to celebrate.



Grant Brisbee (SB Nation)

Read the rest: “Royals, A’s and the maddening nature of baseball” http://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2014/10/1/6877183/royals-athletics-mlb-2014-wild-card

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