i am dying right now
Fucking hell

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someone just kill me now because CHRIST

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I am going to be sick

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if you need me, I’ll be a nervous wreck the rest of the day

please do the thing, boys

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The Mother We Share
Chvrches · The Bones Of What You Believe
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Leaked Endings to Dragon Age: Inquisition


Upon reaching the main breach in the Fade, the Inquisitor is presented with three choices

  1. Destroy the Breach, but sacrifice all mages who have connection to the Fade.
  2. Take control of the Breach, making all the demons super nice, making the Inquisitor god of all demons and fade spirits.
  3. Become one with the Breach, making everyone abominations. BAM utopia is achieved.

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Tatiana maslany and Natalie dormer are doing a sdcc panel together break out the bibles god is real



My brother and I went to comicpalooza. He was Tiny!Tony Stark and every time he saw someone with a batman outfit or shirt or a robin costume, he would go up to them and do this, also he would give them fake money and tell them to buy something nice. 


Aw, buddy, you're not death!
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