"Most of us aren’t princes."



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Dragon age: origins

Dragon age: awakening

Dragon age: inquisition

Dragon age: Miami

Dragon age: Special Victims Unit

Obama, a communist


It just totally upsets me that Obama, a communist, made ObamaCare instead of making the Affordable Care Act.  That was a better idea.  He should have done that.  

“It (the shooting) is all over the world this time. I want it to be different enough to the first one that you don’t feel you’re seeing the same movie. I’m doing a little more location-oriented stuff, there are night battles, but there are also daylight battles. The things we do in the action scenes is very different from the first one. We are expanding the mythology of the Anteverse. We are taking the characters into a completely different journey this time because Raleigh for me solved his problem the minute he was able to go full circle and save Mako by sacrificing himself, which is what he couldn’t do with his brother. He’s not on that journey anymore, he’s on a new journey.”
- Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim 2 (x)

Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Luke Shay remix)


Nærøyfjord - Norway by Tomasz Furmanek

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Aw, buddy, you're not death!
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